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I am excited to announce that I am beginning a new project, an interview series. Starting in a few weeks, I plan to feature a monthly interview with a 2G here on my blog. The term "2G" refers to "second generation," specifically to children of Holocaust survivors. As a 2G myself, I have become fascinated by the lives, triumphs, secrets, and problems of 2Gs, which cover quite a range.

In my novels Escaping the Whale and The Whale Surfaces, I tackle the issue of inherited trauma for a 2G -- my main character, Marcia Gold. Not only have I experienced some inherited trauma myself, but I have also observed it in others and researched it as well. I have learned so much about the different ways it can manifest itself and the extraordinary ways 2Gs deal with it.

In these forthcoming interviews, I hope to shed light on the varied experiences of children of Holocaust survivors. So many different kinds of people, all over the world, with all different stories, are out there, and I would like to hear from as many as possible!

The reactions to my novels have proven to me that there is a great deal of interest in this topic, and I am excited to explore it further. Recently, Escaping the Whale was named a finalist in the "Best New Fiction" category in the American Book Fest 2021 awards. Aside from being an honor and a wonderful surprise, this gives me encouragement to believe that my topic is now considered relevant and worthwhile.

If you are a 2G or know anyone who is and is willing to be interviewed for my series, please contact me! Once the interviews begin (shortly), I hope to hear from you with your thoughts!


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