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Escaping The Whale is a new novel that presents us with an interesting, tormented protagonist.

A legacy of inherited trauma impacts people in different ways. The protagonist of the fascinating debut novel ESCAPING THE WHALE, Marcia Gold, deals with the experiences of her Holocaust survivor parents by dividing her life in two. Her inner life consists of fears and delusions that torment her; her outer life appears to be normal and successful. In her work as a guidance counselor at a large high school in Brooklyn, New York, she specializes in helping the pregnant teens, whose numbers at the school have been increasing. In her relationships, she has a boyfriend who seems to be Mr. Perfect. 

Things are not what they seem, however. Crises mount in Marcia’s life and she can no longer maintain the separation between her two worlds. It is 1980, and the Iranian hostage crisis permeates the atmosphere and reinforces Marcia’s terrors. Approaching a total nervous breakdown, she feels compelled to run away, desperate to believe that she can remake herself. A Mexican resort, singles on the prowl, the roar of the ocean, Mayan sacrificial ruins – all these unfamiliar factors drive Marcia even further to the edge. The reader will root for this well-meaning and troubled heroine as she searches for answers to the dilemmas facing her.

Visit to download and read the first chapter now.


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